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Or Are They?

This site started to answer one question. Is there a country in the world that has not had chickens introduced. Call me Mr Obsessive but I have made this a mission of mine. The site has grown way beyond that though and would prefer, for the other parts, to run it on public submission rather than me adding a load of nonsense on my own. I will still mail random countries but need submissions of possibles.


Basically I was on Holiday in Egypt and at one of the temples it was stated that one of the Pharaohs was famed for introducing sheep to Egypt a number of years ago that is certainly bigger than 9. It occurred to me that sheep were quite common and must be in a lot of places but then forgot all about it.

The thought cropped up again later but I realised there must be plenty of places without sheep, but what about chickens. The interest quickly faltered, probably due to a large workload and lack of alcohol however.

Something though, had laid a seed of nagging curiosity and when the subject arose again, this time with the right combination of deranged minds and alcohol, the rules were set argued about and the quest was on: Is there a country in the world that chickens have not been introduced to?

Before We Start

This is generally a lighthearted site and I find myself privileged to be able to fritter away my time in something which, when all is said and done, is somewhat pointless. I hope the contents of this site give you at least a little giggle or thought to the ponderous problem of the proliferous population of, erm, ah, chickens. While the old gray cells are going however, please spare a thought for those that do not have this luxury. Click on the link to the left to find out ho you could help.

Also see Oxfam online for chicken specific donations. You can donate an entire brood of 10 chickens for only 10. You won't get a deal like that even at Lidle, especially with free eggs.

Exclusions For Various Reasons

Antarctica is out. It is not a country (more information about its geo-political status welcome)

For information though: No external flora or fauna can be introduced so as not to risk upsetting the ecosystem although apparently one of the research stations had some parrots but they have shuffled off their mortal coil. At any one time several thousand frozen ones can be found in the stores (chickens, not parrots). Thanks Guillaume.

Vatican City has been given a no-no. It carries the status of a country and so had to be checked out. Although there may not currently be an active chicken population in the Vatican City I cannot believe that chickens have never been brought into this area.

Feel fee to disagree.

I did contact one of the vatican radio stations ( and the question was mentioned on air but the actual question as to whether the vatican city itself actually still has a chicken population was never answered. The yogurt from the 'Vatican 2' does sound good though.
Click here to listen to a recording of the segment.

Sealand is a small, in dependant principality with an interesting history. It has no chickens but I am placing it here because I am not entirely certain of the exact status of principalities as to whether they are counted as countries in the exact sense (whatever that is). Thanks Dickie and Barry.

Countries confirmed to have chickens

There are lots of countries but we can list ones we thought might not have them to ease the search for future generations.

Greenland I had thought may have been a bit cold but Statistics Greenland were kind enough to send me the following:
First of all, there are no commercial poultry production in Greenland. But it has been more than a century of tradition for Sheep farmers in the southern parts of Greenland, of having live stocks of Chickens (Gallus Domesticus) for household purpose. And caused by the small scale and the non-commercial character of the stocks, there are no statistical records at all.

The Maldives must have chickens for some of them to get sick.

Montserrat has chickens and also has mountain chickens (although these are frogs). Thanks Kenny.

The Galapagos Islands have loads. One visiting chicken is Chelsy.

Redonda is small enough that it may not have chickens itself but is actually part of Antigua & Barbuda which this report shows does have chickens.

Nauru is only 8.5 square miles and even it has chickens.

Easter Island is known to have chickens introduced with the first non native settlers at the very least. Along with rats they were the main food stock. Link to follow.

Mars? Now I know this is not a country in any sense but it seems my efforts have not gone unnoticed by Gallus Domesticus in general. For Christmas 2004 I received a present with proof that there were chickens on mars. Well one anyway

Other Chicken Links

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Other Things That Are Good

Monkeys are good but possibly not quite as good as bacon the morning after.

Mail me with quest help and other chicken stories *

*Amusing stories about bacon or monkeys also gladly accepted. If it involves both all the better.

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