Make you own chicken or monkey stuff

'Here's One I made earlier.' Does any Brit not know that phrase? This page is something for the makers, builders, inventors and insane. This is where you can submit your own suggestions for making chicken or monkey based paraphernalia, dressing up as chickens or general chicken inventions. Of course one of the easiest involves the rubber glove on the head so any amusing photos of people dressed, or attempting to dress, as chickens are also gladly accepted for this page.

I'll start you off with some that I have found.

Real Blue Peter

Watch Blue Peter presenters attempt a timed build of chicks in eggs.

Chick Puppet (comes with free bunny)

A very simple chick or bunny hand puppet. Even comes with templates.

Subservient Chicken Mask

I know I have a link to the subservient chicken on the main page, but some people might have missed the printable, cut-out mask so you can be subservient and chicken-like yourself (pdf format).

Balloon Monkey

Need I say more?


We want your ideas.