Chickens in the News!

19.04.2006: Chickens could power hydrogen cars, claims boffin

19.04.2006: Hen turns into a cockerel

09.02.2006: Woman resuscitates chicken

15.07.2005: Rooster fights fox

14.07.2005: US firm turns chicken droppings into energy

08.03.2005: Chihuahua adopts chick

08.03.2005: Chickens destroyed in farm fire

08.03.2005: Wreck kills 1,000 chickens

07.03.2005: Jews, Palestinians unite - for chickens

07.03.2005: S. Korea Expects To Restart Chicken Exports To Japan In April

10.02.2005: It's Raining Hen

31.01.2005: Hen produces spoon-shaped egg

20.01.2005: Lucky's luck runs out

04.01.2005: Chinese Couples Chicken Out of Rooster Year Weddings

04.01.2005: Germany claims egg record

23.12.2004: Chicken stew for all in the family

14.12.2004: If I Only Had a Voice: A Humble Wish Upon a Drumstick (A fantastic response to the genome story).

13.12.2004: 17,000 chickens lost in flood (With one daring rescue).

12.12.2004: Chicken gives up genetic secrets

08.11.2004: Crocs to solve chicken problem

08.11.2004: Chicken woman loses house bid

28.10.2004: Suicide bomber hits Kabul street (I never knew Kabul's most famous shopping district was Chicken Street).

28.10.2004: Chicken Little comes to the big screen

22.10.2004: Chicken delays train passengers

14.10.2004: Chicken Soup Replaces Flu Vaccine

05.10.2004: Super chicken set to break record
06.10.2004: Jeremy has the biggest cock in Britain

05.10.2004: Chicken tikka sandwiches pep up your workplace performance!

30.09.2004: Man shot in row over chicken

23.09.2004: Swedish PM Rejects Jets-For-Chicken Trade

23.09.2004: The Sky is Falling!!

08.09.2004: Actress Pam Anderson Lends Image to Help Chickens

03.09.2004: Thailand offers chickens for arms

24.08.2004: Malaysia Seizes Chickens After Outbreak (I just liked the idea of chicken smugglers and the picture.)

10.08.2004: Thousands of Chickens Block Swedish Road

05.08.2004: Cops Free Chicken From Windshield Wiper

23.07.2004: Chickens Become Chic Urban and Suburban Pets

02.07.2004: Rooster 'keeps coming back to chicken restaurant'

20.10.2003: Stage fright chicken collapses during rehearsal

27.06.2003: Chicken tied to helium balloons up for adoption

11.06.2003: Suicide chicken terrorises NZ

09.06.2003: Hen lays boomerang-shaped egg

06.06.2003: Chicken loves garlic bed

11.03.2003: Observe the chickens of America, clucking towards Baghdad

13.02.2003: Cockerel starts laying eggs(Obviously a load of rubbish, someone can't tell the difference or a mutant hen but I liked the last quote. If anything is going to be a turnoff...)

27.01.2003: Cockerel, monkey, goat and donkey form pyramid

27.07.2002: New Zealander hoping to launch flying chicken competition

25.07.2002: Tuna and chicken diet creates 'supermouse'

17.04.2002: Sales rep always takes pet hen on road

06.02.2002: Hungry protesters end hungry chickens' brief freedom

16.01.2002: Four-legged chicken's life saved as offers flood in

09.01.2002: Hen famed for laying round eggs has died

13.12.2001: Sex ban for rooster in run up to Christmas

09.11.2001: Sheep chaperone works wonders for hens

07.11.2001: Egg-less chicks found in dead hen

26.10.2001: Bush and bin Laden are best buddies in Brazil

12.10.2001: Pet rooster dies during castration

26.09.2001: Cock needs to crow only twice to win contest as other birds go quiet

24.09.2001: Cockerel's mating calls frustrated neighbourhood

29.08.2001: Scottish firm 'stole chicken research ideas'

08.08.2001: Four-legged chicken has execution postponed

21.07.2001: Hen hatches Sainsbury's quails eggs

30.06.2001: Green council offer residents a free chicken

30.06.2001: I could be so clucky: Kylie helps hens lay eggs

28.05.2001: Thai farmer invents chicken treadmill

10.04.2001: Chicken lays hollow egg

10.04.2001: Woman files for divorce after husband strangles pet cockerel

03.04.2001: Chicken company defends shredding unwanted males

02.03.2001: Feathers fly at cockfighting court hearing

31.01.2001: Pet chicken is addicted to soaps

25.01.2001: Chickens take over New Zealand park

03.10.2000: Game show host 'saves' Big Brother birds