Chicken Recipes

I think the most important part of a chicken is it's edibility and, second to steak, chicken is my favourite food. Now I'm not much of a chef and tend to treat recipes as guidelines by reading the ingredients and going 'Hmm, something like that might be nice' and then doing my own thing. I think this would be the perfect platform however to list some peoples favourite chicken recipes.

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Lemon, Pepper and Cinnamon Chicken

This is one of mine so details will be sparse.

Get a deep oven tray. Drizzle on a tad of olive oil (if it is chilied even better). Lob on however many chicken breasts you want, each on a small cinnamon stick. Pour on a load of lemon juice until you think you have enough. grind a shed load of black pepper (maybe less if you used chilie oil). Tightly cover in foil to steam the flavours into the chicken and bung it in the oven on normal chicken temperatures/times. About half way through grab it out, turn the chicken so the cinnamon stays on the bottom of the tray, grind some more pepper and shove it back in.

Bonus, It's lovely but not what you would call a recipe. I want the real stuff.

Delia Smith knows a bit about cooking chicken

Delia has been with us as long as I can remember and is a well known household name.
She has many wonderful recipes for chicken, many of which can be found at Delia Online.
This page is not about me just pasting in loads of recipes I have found though. You lot out there are supposed to be sending your favourites.
I will however put one direct link to this page where Delia explains what makes a real chicken.