An absolutely great 80s show

Where did it go? You had a bloke with some secret woman passing orders on a late night radio show and a truck that could turn into a helicopter and, later, go invisible (although I am inclined to believe that that's where it went wrong).
Anyway, what they did release I remember as being great 80s tat and I would like to find if is available anywhere. There is very little on the web apart from a tad on imdb and a couple of other small sites. There are certainly no downloadable trailers that I have been able to find. If anyone knows where I can find episodes of this tribute to 80s TV then let me know on

Steve Mahoney has passed me a couple of other sites for those who still disbelieve or wish to see some screenshots of what they have been missing. I had completely forgotten about the other truck that released the sports car rather than a helicopter:,