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Here's where you get to add any comments that don't fit into the normal headings listed. General comments about chickens, quests, bacon, monkeys or anything basically. If your comments get a lot of interest and aren't a main feature then it will be considered for addition. Bacon and Monkeys would be prime candidates for this.

We'll start with something simple.

Malcolm Stead

"I like Chickens"

Fraser Watson

"Whilst in Tajikistan I ate many chickens." (We'll keep the alleged lamb throttling quiet shall we)

Monkey Dance

Late at the pub one Saturday the conversation of monkeys came up with a bunch of complete strangers up from Brighton. I am afraid that the alcohol has erased their names at present but one had a red velvet suit, the other a British Coal coat and the other was somewhat hirsute and had a really great hat. This one it was that was persuaded to perform a monkey dance by his compatriots, something which had not been seen in many years. (Requires DivX 5.1)

Kenny Watt

"When on honeymoon in Mexico I ate some chicken but it did not taste very nice and was a bit greasy."

Steve Mahoney

"I saw a chicken once. In a zoo. Big old thing it was. It was swinging on a tyre and throwing it's poo around. Scared the hell out of me."

(Erm, Steve, I think you will find that was not a chicken at all but a chutney, probably an Argentinean lesser spotted chutney. These creatures, famed for their chameleonic abilities, hard to undo lids and affinity for rubber, have confused many a zoo-goer. Whilst normally harmless they can be a handful when enraged. In these cases they are easily dealt with by playing to their instinctive fear of popadoms and small spoons.)

Sam Pipes

Has kindly informed me that it is possible to buy someone less fortunate a brood of 10 chickens at the poultry amount of 10. That's just a quid each folks, far cheaper than the supermarket and these chickens will then hatch wee ones which will help another family. They are available online from Oxfam.


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