Submit your scary chickens

It is scary that people can market this as looking like a chicken, although probably scarier that I would buy it for weird factor. (Moving eyes not included.)

Genetic engineering is always a little scary!

Apparently some people are trying to engineer featherless chickens to save plucking costs or something

But it could be the answer to all out problems. Now hear me out, i know we need a lot more knowledge to make this work but.. The idea is to genetically engineer giant ostriches that we can all ride to work or wherever.They are a natural, renewable resource and are fuelled by natural, renewable resources thus helping prevent the looming energy crisis. All the car parks would have to be grassed over, further helping to prevent industrial greenhouse effects. Further down the track maybe we could involve pigs in the DNA mix so that bacon and eggs could come from the same source although this is dubious because i don't think that ostrich eggs, let alone mutant giant ones, would fit in a morning roll so sticking with the transport idea is probably for the best.